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Long keep portland weird festival Long keep portland weird festival Portland came to paris the other day, with the kick off the keep portland weird festival at the gat lyrique.The week long festival tries to embody the esprit of portland and transmit it to an european audience through concerts, conundrums, and many different events organized in paris and other french cities. As a whole, the french are curious about american culture and enjoy imitating trans atlantic trends, often with witty results(A current american inspired craze in french capital is sporting poorly fact checked baseball hats that attest to the wearer's support of the"Indiana reds"And your"New york ny raiders").Given the slightly amiss nature of these well intentioned tributes to everything american, i was curious to see and the portland themed festival would fall on the spectrum of cultural appropriation. Paris and portland are two distinctive cities.In venice, a vegetarian is regularly asked if they eat charcuterie despite what is seen as their unlucky dietary limitations, biking has only recently become a popular mode of shipping in the city of lights, and the french don't also have a word for"Time tested"Nor could they pick one inch a forest line up.The portland lifestyle may seem foreign to anyone living away from northwest bubble, but it is especially alien to french urbanites.How and who could explain the raison d'tre of portland to a gaggle of metro riding, directly clothes wearing parisians? Last night's show brought together an eclectic mix of ambassadors so cheapest price that they can do some explaining.A line up that called for michael hurley, rebecca entrances, and stephen malkmus and the jicks was assembled to create an innovative portland vibe.The mood was further set by the ersatz portland that was placed in the venue's foyer.The make shift portland included a bagel bar(Bagels are another french passion, they are seen as quintessentially american and utterly cool), A mini Mississippi notes shop, A slide show of Marion Seury's snapshots of Portland, And a few bars(Pbr, sadly, did not the actual best trip over, so we had been stuck sipping carlsberg instead). Led by jicks drummer john morris, street nights started the show and their scratchy vocals and buoyant rock.Their personal bassist, including a fitted striped sweater and untamed hair that partially hid his face, was a satisfying portrayal of the northwest in a country where 12 year olds still scribble nirvana on their backpacks in permanent marker.The band was a refreshing change from current french rock scene, which is always marked by the tradition of chanson franaise and remains focussed on lyrical creations over chaotic expression.Street nights brought unbridled energy backed by musical talent to an appreciation and audience.Fascinating noisy, the band surprised the audience with a their modern northwest sound. In stark compare to street nights, michael hurley took the stage to play folk ballads combined with his guitar and a drummer.Hurley, wearing colorful train conductor attire, made his french dbut by singing stories when combined yee haws and yodels to a swaying parisian audience.It was at first hard to reconcile hurley's style with that of the opening band, but the passage wasn't too much for a french crowd to handle(French, though known for snobbishness and pretension, make a astonishingly great audience, both grateful and responsive)And we soon signed hurley's world of"Jugs, toys, and axes, I don't mind a few clichs or product types of the dj vu in folk songs if they still ring true, so hurley's encouragements that will help"Keep on truck"Or exultations of forces of"Malted ale and wine"Were totally acceptable reminders that one should take time to understand the simple pleasures of life, rather"Down by a stream, the high point of hurley's set came when he played out"Portland water, which seemed to sum the whole thing up:The neighborhood, the particular, also as current affairs.Singing about grinning girls, beer which has sweet, and police that could"Shoot you on the street"To an enthralledInternationalreach and"International"Audience confirmed that hurley's craft has a home in any continent. Stephen malkmus was the last performer to take takes place and he made quick points with the crowd by starting his set with a shout out to jean luc mlanchon, a favorite far left candidate who was recently detached from the first round of french presidential elections. "C'est fini, malkmus claims, talking about the end of mlanchon's campaign, the mourning crowd nodded their heads Cheap Pandora Bracelets Sale responding, oui. When sidewalk came to one of paris' largest convert venues in may 2010, malkmus was met by a huge crowd.Last night's turnout was severely smaller, but it was great to see stephen malkmus and the jicks in such a romantic setting, and they played properly.The band was clearly experiencing the atmosphere and threw in some showmanship including drumrolls accompanying stage banter, a half hearted attempt for an alice in chains cover, and certain pretty fancy fretwork by malkmus himself.When he busted the over the head guitar solo i was sure the competition was ready to award him honorary parisian citizenship. Last night's soire did its part to hold on to portland weird, and paris did actually welcome the guest city with open arms.I spoke with barbara stenfeld of the oregon travel office, who confirmed people's interest in seeing the city described as"Belle"Together with"Strange"In the pamphlets she was producing. "One guy told me that he will move there for a month after all he's seen here, stenfeld told me an impulse that was surely desired by last night's first intro to portland course.The gat lyrique has done a commendable job of creating a temporary portland for those who have an interest in this far away land, where you go searching for the bagels and stay for the bands.

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